Held Memories 

My last project in Jewelry III was to make a container that holds something dear to you. I immediately wanted to make a locket but not one you wear as a necklace. I wanted to make a hair pick locket that held a picture of my sister in one of her happiest moments. A few weeks ago my sister’s chinchilla, Merlin, died. Everyone was extremely upset, he meant so much to the family. My sister’s luck got worse when not even a week later her parakeet, Meecah, died as well. In her happiest moment she had all three of her animals in her room playing together and I took a picture that would last forever.

The hair pick is made of nickel sheet and wire. The bezel that holds the picture and stone are sterling silver. The designs, clasp, and hinge are made of brass wire and tubing. I used mod podge to hold the picture in place and it also acted as a coating to protect it. The most difficult part about this project was making the clasp and hinge because they were so small.

I really loved making this present for my sister because I knew it would mean so much to both of us. When I gave it to my sister I knew she loved it even though she didn’t say much. I know she will always have her pets close to her now in memory whenever she looks at the picture. It was not an easy project but it was worth it all in the end.

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