Kiln Gifts

Hi all! This past week I made a trip up to Scranton to pick up some work that had been fired after I moved out for the semester. I had two pots that I have been anxiously waiting to see finished. The one pot I actually made way back last summer at Peter’s Valley, and just finally glazed it. I had been waiting to glaze that piece because the other pots that I glazed from Peter’s Valley had a bit of an issue when being fired. A lot of them had stress cracks that weren’t noticeable until the last firing, so I wasn’t really counting on that piece coming out so well. It was also originally made to have a lid, so it has a nice seat for a lid near the rim.

Anyway, so that was the one piece I was excited to see. Unfortunately the glaze ran a good deal, and part of the pot stuck to the kiln shelf. This is a common occurrence but it’s always a pain. So now I need to grind the bottom of my pot before I can do anything with it, otherwise it’ll scratch whatever surface it’s on. The other pot was something I made just for fun a few weeks back. This pot has a funky rim and I think it would be the cutest vase.  I experimented with my glazing on this second pot, and layered two of my favorite glazes: angel eyes (blue) and san miguel (gray). I hope you guys enjoy them! This was a good clay fix for me, I’ve been withdrawing these past few weeks.

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