Sketch Inspired Painting

Last Wednesday I returned from my well spent Long Island adventure! As I mentioned in last week’s post, returning is always the hardest part. I simply love it there with all I have in me and never want to leave! Moving from Long Island to Pennsylvania the first time around was quite the challenge for me so every time I go back to my beloved home and have to leave again, my wee heart becomes sadden. However, because of all my emotions I have started a new painting not only from my emotions but from a sketch I did during my visit as well!

Sketch from piersI sketched this up while enjoying some time in the warm sun near the piers in Port Jefferson. Every day I would walk down to the piers and spend some time outside on a quiet bench enjoying the breeze from the ocean, the smell of the salt water, and the waves hitting the land. There I would read and sketch. This sketch is merely a view I had standing before me while sitting on my bench one day. I liked the shapes and lines I saw out in the distance especially the lines on the left side of the sketch. I started with this sketch to inspire me for my painting bringing me to my initial starting point, which was this:

Sketch of piers onto canvas

As I continued, I was lead to this:

Pier Painting

I only got this far as of now because of my very busy working weekend. I had to take a bit of a break but I plan to continue working on this painting once the big weekend is over. I am not sure where I am heading with this painting but I cannot wait to see the outcome! I think that is my favorite part of painting sometimes, I have this idea, this simple vision but as I continue to work, I surprise myself. I allow for my feelings to have a bit of control rather than my planning brain, which I feel always leads me to produce something extraordinary!

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