Hello 2019

This is going to be a big year for me! I am so excited. I am one semester away from graduation, I will be job hunting, I have the senior show before I graduate, and have to put finishing touches to my portfolio.

I don’t know how time flew by so fast. I feel like just yesterday I was learning photoshop and illustrator shortcuts. Now I try to command z everything even if I am not on a computer (Command z is an easy way to undo silly mistakes in illustrator).

The best way to get ready for this I thought was to get organized. I love bullet journals and how creative you can be with them. I am the type of person that says “I’ll make a list to keep myself on track.” The thing is that list can take me hours to write because I always am more into making it look pretty than getting to what is on the list.

I was searching every where for a fun bullet journal. I couldn’t find any I loved. I decided to buy a boring blue one. I settled. I knew I couldn’t last long without having a cute planner for my last semester. Even though the pages inside would be super cute and fun, it wasn’t enough.

As many of you can tell I am obsessed with my cricut. It was time to spice up that boring cover. This lead to me designing and making my own cover with the vinyl I had. Here is what I decided to make:


I love anything that shines and catches your eye. Thats how I ended up with this iridescent vinyl and a clever little saying for the front. “I’m Very Busy,” definitely¬† describes how ending college will be.

I cannot way to keep you all posted on how it goes, the good and the bad.

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