Judith Rubin

HEY GUYS! Welcome to 2019! I thought because it is a new year with new opportunities, we could get the creative juices flowing with some inspiration from Judith Rubin! Judith Rubin is an art therapy students savior and role model. She is a part of every lesson and in every book and has consistently inspired the art therapy field for 50+ years.

Interested in Rubin’s thoughts and hopeful to share and inspire all of you, I decided to do some research into various interviews with Rubin and compile some ideas and thoughts that she shared.


When it comes to Art Therapy, a lot of training and education has to be done in order to prepare an art therapist for the field. Art therapy is a variety of therapies in one and in order to find your population and really begin to know you will work as art therapist, you must first realize the full development of art therapy.

Judith Rubin begins by talking about the process of art therapy. She explains that over time, the therapeutic process really develops and grows at its own pace. Everything, however, always depends on the client and their speed. To further explain her point she starts discussing the differences between individual and group therapy. Both have different histories and developments and they operate at different wavelengths but both are working towards the same goal; healing.

Closing Inspiration

Rubin, and all other art therapists, share the same idea that art therapy has a main focus of creative and artistic healing. So, for the new year, take Rubin’s advice and teachings into mind when you are struggling or stuck. Every time you feel down or struggling to keep going, remember everything is a process, even healing. Go at your own pace and know that you will get to where you need to be soon enough!

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