Hello, July!

Did two months really pass already?

So far, my summer has been fairly active in terms of art. I just finished my internship at Riger Advertising, and while I am sad to go I am excited to apply my new skills to school projects this fall. It feels pretty good to have some design experience under my belt, even though I still have a lot to learn in my next two years at Marywood.

The only question I have now is, now what? The rest of my summer is pretty free now, and I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t busy. My solution? Going back to being busy, because why not?

I am currently volunteering for a local theater group in my area called SPARE Productions. I never thought I would end up working with musicians and actors, but they needed a program designer and I figured it would be good page layout practice. It has been interesting seeing what goes on behind the scenes of producing a musical, and I have gotten a bit of theater education out of it. The show is coming up soon and I am really excited to see it. As a bonus, I can take my program home and put it in my portfolio!

So, despite my internship ending, I’m trying to stay active and keep my design skills fresh. I should try to relax and enjoy this July break, too, however. Next month the fall semester will begin along with the exciting chaos that comes along with it.

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