Learning Day By Day

After finishing my first week at this new internship, I have learned so much and can’t wait to learn more in these upcoming weeks!

Mostly I have been working in Adobe InDesign, and I’ve learned this week that keyboard shortcuts, saving, and packaging are probably the most important things to know when you are working in an Adobe program. The keyboard shortcuts are helpful because they save you time when you are trying to get something done. Saving properly in the right file format (such as saving an InDesign file as .indd) is also very helpful because then you won’t lose any of your work that you have done. Daily, I quote from all the art professors I have had so far at Marywood  to “SAVE SAVE SAVE!” Lastly, packaging is something a little new that I learned how to do in InDesign, which means that all the fonts, linked files, and everything that you have done are saved with your file. This is another key point that I learned this week.

This internship is giving me the experience to work under a professor designer which is always helpful when you are just starting to get into your field of study in the real world!

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