High Hopes

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather so far. Today’s post is mostly going to be a quick followup on my last post where I am tackling my current project.

I decided on a whim, that I wanted to try and do this digitally as 1, I wanted to work on color instead of grayscale. and 2, I want to see if I had gotten better at digital painting after taking last semester’s course in digital illustration. I am happy to say that I feel as though I did!

Working in grayscale for now then transitioning to color so that my values are correct. Hue can sometimes deceive the true values being shown.

Just the pure brush work is a big improvement, I feel it may have something to do with my transition from pencil to pen which made me make my craftsmanship better. I have not had the time to focus on oil this week but hopefully this is a good sign as to what that will look like when I get the chance to tackle oil again.

At the moment everything a little flat as my values are pretty analogous now, contrast will come later so that I don’t screw up any of the shapes for now.

Sketch of the Week

So as the weather has been so nice recently, I got to go out and do some plein air out in the park with watercolor. I don’t have a huge set of colors so I make do with primaries which helps me get better at mixing colors. When you’re out there painting, you could really have trouble feeling satisfied with whats being put on the page, that’s what may have happened a lot here. But going back into the studio, I really am satisfied with what I had been able to do.

Heading back into the studio also meant I could go over it some more with colored pencils to help add to the texture. Really happy with this.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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