Hiking the Woodbourne Preserve

Last week a friend and I wanted to do some hiking, so we decided to take a trip to the Woodbourne Forest Wildlife Preserve located in Dimock, PA. I brought my camera with me, and took a ton of photos while we hiked! I’ll share some of my photos below!

I think that my favorite part of our hike was the swamp that was located on one of the main trails! I really loved the lily pads and couldn’t believe just how many of them there were. I also thought it was so pretty how the water reflected the sky, love that blue!

We of course also encountered some little critters on our hike as well! Here are two frogs that we found also!

The Woodbourne Preserve is also a great place to birdwatch as well, and we did see some birds, but they could see us coming and quickly flew away because of our brightly colored shirts. I would love to come again sometime to get some bird photos!

Another thing that caught my eye while we were hiking were these really neat mushrooms. I personally think that they look like pancakes with syrup on them… I think that I might use these mushrooms in a future artwork of mine.

There was so many little things to discover on the trail, I was amazed at how many things there were to take photos of! Along with the others things that I mentioned there was also a lot of greenery as well. The hike was mostly through the forest, so there was a lot of ferns and different types of ground covering. It was cool to me to see just how many different varieties there were. Thank goodness there wasn’t anything poisonous…

A lot of my artwork revolves around nature, so there were many things that I was inspired by when walking through this little preserve. Overall, our trip to the Woodbourne Reserve was such a fun time, and I’m glad I got so much out of it!

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