Holiday Card Collage

Every year I get to enjoy my favorite thing that pertains to the winter holidays and that is sending and receiving cards in the mail. Sadly, once the New Year rolls around and all the decorations are put away, that means it is time to toss all the cards in the trash.

So this time, I decided to make a collage out of all the cards I had received.

First, I cut the cards apart so that I could focus on the main image from the card.

Second, I cut out words and/or phrases from the inside of the cards.

Lastly, I glued all the pieces that had been cut out onto a large sheet of paper.

This was kind of fun, allowed me to retain the joy from the winter holiday season, and most of all, make a new work of art from all the art that had been put into those lovely cards.

So this year, instead of tossing the cards, repurpose them into artistic collage.


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