Toddler Apron

One of my hobbies is sewing and typically I make random clothing projects for myself. All relatively easy: mostly skirts and whatnot. I will also alter clothes, either mine or from thrifting and occasionally make random sewing projects for my sister, this is one of them.

My niece is at the age where she likes to help in the kitchen with mommy and she has been wearing my sisters apron that ties at the neck. I thought it would be cute to make one for her and my nephew that fits their sizes. So, of course I did research on Pintrest. The basic parameters were: size has to fit small toddler, but not too small; color should be unisex so all children can use it; it should be a sturdy material so it can get wet without seeping through; and it should be able to grow with them as they bigger.

I decided on a navy canvas, with big wooden buttons for the neck strap, and a pocket with leftover scraps I had laying around. The shape and size I based off of other pintrest ones. I think it ended up being 17″ tall, with one main pocket in the center. The hard part was the neck strap and how long to make it and where to put the buttons. My sister lives out of state and I don’t have another toddler lying around to check sizing, so I guessed. I figured toddler heads were big and the child will only get bigger.

In the end it turned out really cute. It did end up being too long for the neck strap, but I’ll just move one of the buttons the next time I see them. Here are the pics.

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