Holiday Ornaments

This past wednesday was my final day interning at the women’s shelter. By far this was my favorite site to work at and I learned so much about the population and the needs they have. 

As the holiday season is just getting started, we decided to make holiday ornaments as a final, relaxing  goodbye. The women really liked this project. It gave them a place to think about and what they enjoy about the holidays while also allowing them to enjoy creating. They really enjoy doing tactile tasks that they can take with them and show their loved ones, so the holiday ornaments were perfect for this purpose. 

For example, there was one woman in particular who always said that she wasn’t an artist. As we worked with her over time, she slowly started to bring up the idea that she needed to give art another shot. She ended up making a very beautiful, pink and blue ornament. Another woman there was making ornaments for her children and ended up painting a tree and gifts that she would want to give her children. One woman enjoyed the directive so much that she ended up making four different ornaments that depicted different characters from a variety of christmas movies and films. Overall, the women really enjoyed the directive and it was definitely a good note to end on.

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