Holiday Window Painting!

Holiday window painting

This is one thing I did not think I would ever be asked to do as a graphic design major, but here I am! Even though I never saw myself as much of a painter, I actually used my skills of illustration and handlettering this past weekend to my advantage. I teamed up with my friend and fellow graphic design major, Maci Roos, as we went around different parts of the Scranton area to decorate the outside windows of local Gerrity’s Supermarkets! We were given free range to do whatever designs we wanted, and we had such a great time. A lot of people complimented our work as they walked by which was a really good feeling, and doing these really got us in the holiday spirit. Maci and I have similar styles when it comes to our graphic design and we both do a good amount of typography, so we ended up being a pretty great team!

Here are some of the designs we did!

My handlettering with Maci’s snowglobe illustration


My mitten illustration with Maci’s handlettering


My ornament illustrations

Maci’s tree and presents illustration


My handlettering with Maci’s snowman and tree illustration

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