The Delaware River

This weekend I visited part of the Delaware River. The part of the Delaware that I went to was a hour away near the border of New York. On the way there, I recognized this one stream that followed the entire road that we were on. I realized that it most likely runs right into the Delaware river. I thought this was interesting because I never really think about where streams end. So in this case, if I got lost during my trip this weekend I could have just followed that stream.

The part of the Delaware that I ended up going to had some pretty interesting scenery. The first stop was at a spot where you could load a boat into the river to go fishing. On the other side of the river were these bushes that a had a red, orange tint to them. These kind of bushes were all along the Delaware river and added an interesting detail to some of my photographs. Since most of the trees have lost all of their leaves, the bushes added a pop of color. To make them pop even more, I edited them in Photoshop to make them look more dramatic.

There was also this one white house that was on the one side of the river. It was all by itself and surrounded by dead trees except a big pine tree. It was also next to this one big tree without any leaves, but the bark was white; it was next to the pine tree. These two trees helped make the composition of this particular photograph. If they weren’t there I don’t think that the photograph would’ve have been as good as it is. I also realized that the white tree would’ve have looked great in its own photograph, but in order for me to do that I would’ve had had to get into the river. Seeing that it’s now December and I didn’t have a boat, I decided against it.


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