Final Abstract Painting

For about three weeks now I have been working on a painting project for my Painting II class and everything is finally finished. We were assigned to create an abstract painting in whatever style or format we wanted to. The start of this project was a challenge because there are so many options and ways to make a painting abstract. The directions were limitless, even after we looked at some abstract artist examples. At first I wanted to make a painting that was more technically driven, but the final product ended up being just the opposite. The painting I end up with was very organic with lots of flowing lines and shapes.

Instead of freaking out about what to do for the painting I took a more leisurely approach. I think it is important to have fun while you are making your artwork, which is why I feel like most artists choose to be artists. Yes you have to learn certain rules because you have to have a foundation in art. But it’s about being able to try new things and find out what works best and what doesn’t, and I think this painting was a great way to show this. From being able to choose colors, type of canvas, approach, there are so many possibilities. So for anyone trying to learn or take on a challenge, try and make your own abstract painting!

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