Senior Project Update

The semester is almost over and I’m working on at least getting half of my senior project done. So far one sculpture is almost complete. It’s a painstaking process to get this project completed. Because the parts I have are made of so many different materials that joining them together becomes a problem. You can’t weld steel to brass or copper so that’s one of the many challenges.

The thing I liked most about this sculpture was making the mask. It’s made from a large piece of copper that’s been hammered into a mask shape. The eyes are made from glass that I painted green. I thought the green would be a nice contrast against the brass and copper. I feel that’s it’s a strong piece and I really love it.

My goal is to have four pieces done before I graduate. It’s just about scheduling and find the right parts. As time goes on I would like to write more about my progress with this project.

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