How I Draw In Procreate

Hello everyone! I just wanted to show my process on how I personally like to draw in Procreate. For this I decided to use Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan as my reference. I drew him in my personal style and I hope you enjoy.

The first thing I do is face mapping; I put lines where the eyes are and where the eyebrows end and begin, as well as where the face points, where the nose, lips, and ears are as well as the collar bone and shoulders. Next, I sketch out how I want the face and the overall upper body to look. After that, I go over the sketch with the ink bleed brush, I use ink bleed for everything as well as coloring. Then, after I outline, I color the image with the ink bleed brush and put soft shadows with the Salamanca brush. After that, I sketch out the background, and then I outline and color that while putting in the extra details on the carpet that is there. To make the background look more smooth, I put a blur effect on it, which can be found in the Adjustments icon (the magic wand on the top left).

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