Shelby Sherritt

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well today I will be a ceramic artist named Shelby Sherritt. Shelby has a YouTube channel and an Instagram where she posted videos of her using mystery ceramic molds from gumtree which is a type of online marketplace in Australia. Her videos have a relaxed and gentle mood to them and Shelby voices over her video telling the events that are unfolding in her videos. She sells most of what she makes on her website at and she has a P.O. box for her follower to send her things if they like! Shelby uploads content often and I have some favorite pieces that she has made within this year.

Similar to the rest of Shelby’s ceramics these Australian animal plant holders are made from pouring clay slip into a mold, but these specific molds were made by Shelby herself! The mold is secured by a large rubber band and the excess slip is poured out of the mold, to make sure the piece is hollow. The mold sits until the slip inside it has firmed then the mold is opened and the piece is removed. The ends of the ceramic piece are cut off the prevent sharp edges and the perimeter is smoothed. Shelby then decides on a color palette, pattern, design, and texture for the piece, and afterward, the piece is dipped in glaze once it is dry to achieve a nice shine. The piece is then placed in the kiln to fire and the process is complete.

The adorable plant holders shown above are currently available for sale on Shelby’s website. You can also visit her on YouTube and Instagram to see more of her work! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

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