Painting For Sculpture

Hello! As I’ve been trying to organize myself for the summer, I have a few projects in mind for my sculpture and ceramics but I always get in my head when I sit down to sketch them out. So I tried something new. Instead of mapping out what I wanted to create like a schematic, I decided to paint the figure I wanted to make next.

The theory is, I may have even more to work with and less self-imposed limitations if I sculpt from a more emotional narrative than a set of instructions. I’ve been getting hung up on how I am going to accomplish a piece rather than if I am expressing myself coherently- so rather than an overly precise line drawing that will stress me out, I gave myself more of a character narrative to explore.

And here is what I came up with so far! The painting is a work in progress but I wanted to make a figure that was hollow and melancholy and the hope is this sadness will make sense as the majority of the parrot green is covered (I wanted the lightest glow of the painting to be the most translucent moments when all is said and done).

While I am excited to continue to work on the painting, I think I have a better sense for how I want my sculpture to stand. The painting will serve as a (giant) thumbnail for all the emotional cues of the three-dimensional sister project. I feel like I have to room to abstract this form now that I’m beginning to understand it better. So I suppose stay tuned for what happens with this fella!

What’s Playing- This song came up in a Spotify radio and it sound like a perfect combination of some of my favorite music so it has been playing on repeat. It helped dictate some emotional decisions for my painting this week, it reminded me quite a few old memories- The Saint of Lost Causes, by Justin Townes Earle

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