How To Get Connected

Getting connected to the real world for jobs and internships can give you a head start upon graduating, and for your future. Taking advantage of different online websites that help you in the process of finding a job or internship is something that I recommend as a current college student.

Depending on the specific art you study, there may be different websites where you could look for jobs/internships. In my case, since I am a Graphic Design major with a minor in advertising, I use the website LinkedIn, which connects you to people that you may or may not know depending on where you live and where you go to school. By connecting you to people who share the same field of study, networking here can be a good tool for finding a job or an internship at any time.

At Marywood University this year, a group of students studying graphic design came together to form a Student Chapter of AIGA at Marywood. AIGA stands for American Institute of Graphic Arts. It’s a national professional design organization that helps you connect with other professionals. The website offers members different opportunities to promote themselves, which is a great way to come in contact with working professionals. Plus, they regularly hold special events for members, which is another great way to connect and network. For more information you can visit their website at

Stay tuned for more ways to get connected with professionals within your specific field of study.

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