How to Make Pom Poms 

Who doesn’t like Pom Poms?! They’re so much fun to play with and they’re also great for crafts. But how would you find Pom Poms that are perfect for the project that you’re doing? Just make your own! It’s easy and you can use different kinds of materials from yarn to ribbon if you really wanted. All you’ll need are your fingers, a pair of scissors and the material you’re going to use.

Step 1: Wrap

Before you begin you’re going to want to make sure your material is untangled so that it will be easier to wrap around your fingers. The more fingers you use the bigger the Pom pom will be. If you’re going to make a bigger Pom Pom you’ll want to wrap the material around your fingers a lot because it will make the Pom Pom look fuller. There really isn’t an exact number of times to wrap it; you just sort of estimate it.

Step 2: tie

After you’ve wrapped the material around your finders, you’re going to take an extra piece of yarn or string and tie it horizontally around the bundle. If you’re using ribbon, use a piece of seeing string to tie it together. Make sure to triple knot it so that it doesn’t come undone. The tighter you tie the bundle together the better.

Step 3: cut and trim

Now you’re going to take a pair of scissors and cut through the loops. Once all the loops are cut you’re going to trim your Pom Pom to make it sphere. Make sure to cut off a little at a time. Once you have your desired shape you’re done!

Pom Poms are great from making rugs, blankets, scarves and even jewelry! Now that you know how to make your own the possibilities are endless!



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