Lovely Longwood Gardens

I often wonder how I could make the dreams in my head come to life. I want to express my love for nature in a whimsical way. Although I continue to make art everyday sometimes I feel as though I am not achieving my goals. Yesterday, I found some of the best inspiration EVER! I walked around Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been thus far.

As I walked through the entrance and had my tickets ready in my hand I was greeted by a smiling woman who handed me a map that I instantly started studying. I did not want to miss anything. I started walking through a peony flower garden and everything was wonderful. As I approached the first tree house I saw, I knew my blog post this week had to be about my trip! Every single detail of the house was handmade in the 1800s. The base was made up of perfectly preserved tree trunks. The gate around the bottom of the house was woven tree branches that were crafted so well I could not even find where one branch ended and the next began. The steps leading up to the top were live edge slabs that were sparking clean. Everything about this house was so perfect I was wishing I could live there!

As I walked away from the tree house I approached huge fountains. They were so different than anything I’ve ever seen. Next I walked through the woods until I found another beautifully crafted tree house. This tree house was even more detailed than the last. The tree trunks used as bases had spiral welded horns twisting around them. My boyfriend, Nicholas Senofonte, who was enjoying everything with me took note of the welding. He is a welder himself and he was so impressed by the skill that went into making the horns.

We walked through the forest for a while and every once and a while we would stop and sit on huge tree stumps. The tree stump seats seem very doable if you know how to operate a chainsaw and have access to some kind of sander.

After hours of walking around and enjoying the outdoor plants we found the Conservatory. It felt like Christmas morning. For anyone that knows me, they know I always talk about fairies. Although I know they aren’t real, I often like to dream of places they would like to live. And the Conservatory was exactly that. So many flowers lined the hand built stone path ways. Floral chandeliers above walls covered in ferns. Lily pads that were three feet wide. Greenhouses filled to the top with roses. These are just some of the wonderful memories I have from yesterday.


I feel like I could go on forever about Longwood Gardens, but I hope anyone who reads this posts takes my advice and goes to see it for yourself. The tickets are only $20 per adult and totally worth it.

Walking around yesterday I felt so inspired. Seeing how hard work can create a beautiful place that so many people go everyday really got to me. I came home and drew in my sketch book all night long which I haven’t done in a while. It was a day I will never forget and I know it will constantly shine bright in my mind when I am dreaming of new pieces to make.




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