Sharing is Caring

I know I have been talking about losing and finding creativity, as well as trying to figure out exactly what being an artist is supposed to feel like. All of these mixed feelings have continuously come and gone, but a conversation I had not too long ago really sparked something in me. They always say to “hold onto your inner child,” and I always seem to preach about the fact children don’t hold back when it comes to their creativity…nothing is impossible in their minds. I think, though, being young adults and being thrown into a seemingly unfamiliar world we are almost like children again, not knowing which way is up and just going about what makes us happy; simple as that.

I did, though, have an exceptionally excitingly childish moment recently that I really feel is important for my creative process and that of everyone who is interested in learning about it all. I spoke with a friend, whom I did not know dabbled in the arts, and we shared projects and techniques, all the while having huge smiles on our faces. I was so excited to see the things she has produced and she was really pumped to see my stuff too. It felt cool. It was like I was rediscovering certain parts of myself, which I think is important as we tend to get lost in the chaos of our everyday. I felt like I was a student again, learning how to be excited about my art instead of putting pressure on it. It was a moment I would like to share with my first group of students who seem to be losing site of the actual fun in their art; straying from their inner child. Everyone everywhere is struggling with something, so they are never going to be alone in that thought. However, it is good to be reminded of and open to the small things in life that bring back that fun spark in all of us.

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