I Dabble in Printmaking

One of the courses I decided to take this semester is a Printmaking Class. I’ve never done anything of the sort—unless you count a 3rd grade project where we carved saints out of Styrofoam—so I didn’t really know what to expect. I did know, however, that a lot of Graphic Designers I admire are influenced/work with printmaking.

When I first went into the class I didn’t know what to expect. I figured it would be simple since artsy things always sort of came easier to me than other people I knew. But I was totally wrong. First, it required a lot of muscle. Muscle that I do not have. Let me tell you, it’s a lot harder to cut linoleum than Styrofoam. Second, the tools are very sharp and will easily cut you. Third, it takes patience, which alas, I don’t have.

Despite all of the challenges I’ve been having in this class, I have really been enjoying it. Working with my hands is so different from working with the computer. It’s nice to flex my creative skills outside of a lab and off a computer.

What ways do you help your creativity flow without a computer?

3 thoughts on “I Dabble in Printmaking

    1. They do! I haven’t personally taken the class, but I have a friend who did. I heard it was really fun and I’m looking into taking it next year!

      1. It’s a lot of fun! Be careful though, I did it a lot in undergrad, and now I can’t smell anything sweet (like roses). Acid fumes can really mess with your nose!

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