I Made a Piece That If I Could I Would Marry

There may or may not be any proven statistics that show an artist’s love for their own pieces but for me I would say its one out of a million. Do not get me wrong, I love each and every piece I make but when I make something that I truly love to the point where if I could I would marry my piece, I would say it is quite rare I feel that way. Thus brings me to this week’s post; I made a piece that if I could I would marry! Just look at it!

Collage Abstract PaintingI can honestly say I love this piece to pieces!! I am very content and proud of it. You see, this piece is an example of pure heart. This is something I never thought I could produce. I took a different approach than what I would usually do. For one, the piece is a collage. I painted paper with acrylic paint and arranged the pieces. There was a goal for the piece, which was to work from the lightest light to the darkest dark but only using five colors all painted on paper. I was working from a still life, which I had sketched out prior but is not quite evident in the final piece. Usually when I work, I always focus on doing everything exactly how my professor explains it but this time I did not, I mean I did but once I was in the zone I simply got lost. I was in a mindset where nothing mattered, not even time. It was all gone. All that mattered was the fact I was creating, I was feeling something, went for it, and for me that is the biggest achievement anyone can have.

Isn’t that the point of creating? To simply go, just do, to create from within sometimes without even thinking or worrying about what is right, what is wrong. Focusing too much on the right way to do something is sometimes the wrong thing to do, there are a million possibilities, a million perspectives, isn’t that what art is truly about?

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