Grad School Hunting

Sadly my time here at Marywood is almost coming to an end. So it is time to start researching MFA graduate programs I would like to apply for. I plan on applying to 5-7 schools by February 2017. I have about 4 that I am definitely applying to but I am still in the process of figuring out the rest. It is really hard to even decide if I want to attend grad school right after undergrad but I figure applying doesn’t hurt. If I am accepted into a MFA painting program that will offer me enough money to be financially stable then I feel like it’s meant to be and I will most likely attend that school. But if it comes down to me having to struggle to make it work then I have the option of taking off a year or two. In that time I can make some money and spend sometime getting to know what I want from my work. I want to go into my years as an MFA knowing sort of what I want my work to represent and I’m not sure if I am at that point yet. There are also other outlets of experience like residencies or certificate programs that can keep your head in the game and get you involved with other artists like yourself.

Its not easy looking at the big picture right now because there is nothing telling me which direction is the right way. There is no right answer and it’s not like I know what I want to do so I have to keep all of my options open and try my best.

Don’t Forget!! Marywood’s Zeta Omicron Art Exhibit! 

Opening Reception: Wednesday November 9th @ 9pm in The Insalaco Studio Art Building
The work will be on display Nov 7-18, 2016 in the Kresge Gallery


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