I’m super eager to tell you about my new project I’m working on in class. Most people may know me for my paintings because that is what I tend to go to when I think creatively. Moreover, how I want my current work to be portrayed and the message I want to send. However, this semester I’m taking a sculpture class and I’m really making some progress and it’s time for me to share.

In this class we have a chance to do anything and work in any type of material. Therefore, I tried several different types of materials for my project and with several fails and one win, which was plaster. I  decided that would be the material to work with. I wanted to use a material that was strong and a white base that I can add color.

With this material I would make five life size female forms that would be cut at the thighs. Plaster is representational to women and how strong they are and the color represent how each woman is different. I’m corporate in color to show the beautiful in each individual. With that goal in mind I had to figure out what type of position I want the female figure to be in. Clay would be the easiest material to do that in.

This collection is representing how women are not giving a voice and not being seen as an individual rather than object. Each sculpture will show a phase in which society see her in or a mentally state  of being. By creating this piece I want to portray women as more than just object but see them as individual that has goals and aspirations. Each sculpture will show how women are taking their voice back and their identity. This will depict women breaking out from the norm.

Until next time!

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