Illustrating Ceramics

As a double major in both ceramics and illustration I have had lots of time to practice 3d and 2d skills. I get to create things every day as part of my education and that is a real gift. But so far, I have not truly brought the two areas together into a single form of art.

Recently through certain channels and paths and forms of motivation I have started to merge illustration, design, and ceramics together and I have to say; I’ve quite enjoyed myself.

The charger platter was adorned with an illustration I’ve done of a brook trout. The above photos here show the process from when it was thrown on the wheel to when it was dried, trimmed, and carved into – ready for bisque firing.

Drawn and sculpted on another large platter is this portrait / charicature referenced off one of my own sketchbook illustrations. I built this one up and made it more of a relief sculpture playing with shape and depth on a larger scale.

These are still preliminary moves but I think that I have opened the door for some new styles and experiments.

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