Starting a New

As a painter its always important to allow yourself to grow, to change. You’re not bound to one style or one artform really, our discipline is about constant evolution. That is why recently decided to use the rest of this semester (or at least a sizable part of it) to switch up my style a bit, trade the “colorful” stuff for more dramatic subject matter. This is not because I think my past work is no longer reflective of myself but instead I’d like this shift in subject matter and style to show my maturity after having studied art here at Marywood for what’s going on 4 years now. And how I’d like to change up my paintings you ask? I want to start start painting more “religious” subject matter, so fun right!

I am not a religious person by any means but since painting scenes of Christianity has been such a huge part of the painting tradition, and on top of attending a Catholic university, I thought that I’d throw my hat in the ring so to speak and carry on that tradition in my own unique way. I am not entirely sure where I’m going to take this but I would at least complete a painting series that is centered around biblical themes. Not being sure could be a scary thing but as a painter I think its so exciting, there’s so much creative potential! as of now I only have a few sketches i made of past masters paintings that I found interesting and potentially helpful when it comes to creating the final piece.

Like I mentioned before, I am not a religious person. However, there is something very alluring about the image of Christ. You see in his face a sense of peace and hope for all human kind. It allows you to enter what I’ve heard called “Christ Consciousness” the mindset of higher thinking, the idea that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s God.

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