The Art of Selling Commissions

One of the things I’ve had to learn to do over the course of quarantine was use my skills to make money before my job was available again.

This helped my art gain some exposure and was fun to do as well.

Using sites like Etsy and Fiverr has made selling art very simple, and making sure orders go through with payment before the pieces are done also goes a long way with using these sites.

How you advertise yourself is a huge part of the process. In these two photos, I show my digital art skill as well as my painting skill so others can see what to expect.

I have always been huge in cartoons and displayed it as my “style” in all my works shown previously for new customers to look through so they can decide if I’m the right fit or not.

Throughout my pieces my art style remains the same ensuring a commission to be the same way and hope other customers see the consistency. Giving customers updates as you go along the piece they commissioned also helps and saved you time instead of having to start over and go back into the work. Revisions are a huge part of it.

Whether you’re a first time artist or not, having a little gallery on your page of past work as examples will really help shape your shop into the look you want! And it really helped me as I still make commissions in college!

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