Illustrating El Dorado

Hi everybody!

Today I wanted to deviate a little bit from my typical post on graphic design to focus on my digital illustration class while it’s still the spring semester. I won’t show everything that lead up to this piece being shown but I will explain.

This class was centered around 1 single project, well actually not entirely, the whole class is based on a creative world we created for something such as a comic, book, video game, movie, etc. This started with the general synopsis and designing the characters such as the antagonists, protagonists and side characters. Then we fleshed out our landscape and started to finalize what the narrative and objective was gonna be so for me, I had chosen a board game for kids to teenagers that explores the world of El Dorado through a band of explorers vying for it’s treasure. This lead to this project i had finally finished roughly 2 weeks ago. This was meant to be promotional material for my concept so something that would be on the cover, on POP’s or instore displays, merch, the usual.

This project more than any other showed how much i’ve improved at digitally painting which had been a goal of mine for the past couple years. This one is one I’m really proud of so I hope you enjoy!

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