A New Path

I was looking through my recent illustrations and decided to try something unique. What if I combined the line work, color, and portraits all one?

Untitled 25

Switching to digital, I utilized a pen brush to place fine lines to create texture and shadow on the figure. This was my first illustration of the three so far. I then drop in a black background and color the figure a solid tone. Then I go in and highlight the hair and key standout features along with darks; in this case the eyes, hair, watch, and belt buckle. This illustration lacked dark shadows, which I made sure to add in the others.

Untitled 24

I created movement across the illustration by adding in the smoke crawling from one corner to another.  This woman is my personal favorite; it came out the most crisp. The drawing below is the “sketchiest” version, but the shadows are the most pronounced out of the three.

Untitled 26

I am going to create more drawings with different actions and colors, experimenting with line and color.

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