Exploring The Farm

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week. In between the snowflakes and raid drops, I took an adventure around my mom’s farm. On the farm there is an old farm house that is falling apart. I’ve always wanted to go inside and take photographs of it and with classes being online I finally had to opportunity to go in it.

The house is at the bottom of a hill in a cow pasture, so I ventured through the pasture down to the house. I didn’t know how bad the house was falling apart until I walked down to it. I alwasy viewed the house from either the road or the gate at the top of the hill in the pature.

I walked around the whole house to take in the damage. Once I had walked around the house I ventured through the front door. I didn’t step any further into the house because the floor was starting to collapse and I didn’t want to fall into the basement!

Even though I was only able to take one step into the house I was happy with the photographs that I was able to capture. I hope to go and take more pictures in the different times of day and year to see how different the photographs would appear.

Here are a few of the photographs that I took!

That’s all for this week! Stay safe! Stay healthy! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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