Illustrating Life

Aside from my pursuit of Ceramics, I am also highly engaged in Illustration and design both through my University studies and my personal passions. I major in Illustration with a minor in Graphic design and focus my efforts on bringing to two together in a way that will help accentuate my personal style.

Portraiture has been and continues to be one of my favorite genres of subject matter to draw or paint. I think that portraits are almost universally understandable because it is something we all recognize and we all find value in. I tend to brake down what i see into smaller segments and people are no exception. I enjoy ‘people watching’ on street corners in the city or just observing as they go by – paying attention to attitudes, expressions, and behaviors. Being able to capture the things I see brings great satisfaction and the art becomes more than just a pastime, it becomes a challenge. Challenging myself to try and render something that I have seen, and find interesting.

Sometimes you see something that is just plain interesting, sometimes it captures your attention because it is exceedingly unusual, perhaps you find someone to be highly unattractive or quite beautiful. Any of these – it doesn’t quite matter which – can be a reason to try your hand at portraiture. I maintain that the more interested you are in your subject matter the more you enjoy trying to draw it.

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