Illustrations by Brecht Vandenbroucke

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to talk about illustrations created by Brecht Vandenbroucke, a Belgian artist. These illustrations cleverly comment on our society. The illustrations are satirical representations of our world.


The first image I’m including focuses on the difference between being online and offline. The people who are online are forced to tightrope walk. They are not free, but stuck to the online world of social media. While the offline people are free. They are not forced to be or do anything.


The next illustration I found was an interesting one. This one focuses on the power of pointlessness. So in our modern world, people are fascinated by quick, easy, and sometimes pointless things. Which is what is shown through the store “simplistic noise.” The store “thought bubble” deals with real issues, real problems, real ideas, and no one is interested in that.

Honest-Illustrations-Brecht-Vandenbroucke 3

This illustration is a deep one. It appears that the parents are inside fighting while their child is outside. He has created a snowman. The parents are so loud that the snowman is shocked looking like the Scream painting face. The child looks sad.


In this media age, people can be more concerned with how they do on social media rather than how they live their lives. This illustration shows tombstones having likes and follows, showing how popular these people were in their lifetime. Even the person passing by isn’t paying attention to the tombs, but her cell phone.


The last one I choose to pick was this illustration. It shows someone painting a homeless man and another man painting a beautiful landscape. The homeless man painting isn’t admired at all, and no one seems concerned about him. However, everyone is interesting in the beautiful skyline. This shows us that sometimes people are more concerned with the beauty rather than the reality of the world.

In all, I thinkĀ Vandenbroucke takes a good approach in bringing awareness to some of our cultural issues. Some of these are a little extreme but they get the message across.

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