Starting a New Painting

Hello everyone! This is a new painting I am working on. I love to paint nature scenes, and most of them involve deer of some kind. The reason I like to include deer in my paintings is that I feel that they add life to an image. Also, painting deer makes me feel close to my grandmother. I want to show my process of how I start a painting.

I like to start out by drawing my design on to the canvas. I know that some artists prefer to do an under painting, but I like to start painting as soon as I’m done with my drawing. For this painting I am using a combination of images to create one scene. I am using images from and a photo my cousin took on her vacation.

When I start painting, I like to focus on the background. First, I get my colors ready and I have clean water for my brushes. When I paint, I like to listen to music, but more often than not, I am watching one of my favorite cartoon series. I like to be distracted as I paint, in a weird way, it helps me focus. I use palette paper when I paint because it is easier to clean up. I don’t have a method when it comes to laying out my colors, I just tend to put out the paint that I need one at a time.

This is how far I have come in this painting. It will be a challenge for me, I don’t know how to paint mountains well, and the mountains are important in this painting as they add depth to the scene. I’ve started out by painting my base colors and then adding shadows. I will have an update on the painting soon. See you later! Tell me about your upcoming paintings!

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