Illustrator Study: Gabriel Picolo

Hello everyone! In this weeks’ blog, I will be talking about another illustrator that inspires me and his name is Gabriel Picolo. His work is very bold and expressive. The colors he uses are exquisite and has a wide range. His line work is clean and smooth. The style he has is realistic yet not at the same time and that’s what I like about his work.

Who is Gabriel Picolo?

Self Portrait of Gabriel Picolo

Gabriel Picolo is an illustrator and comic artist that was born is Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is mostly known for the work he has done on the Teen Titans: Raven comic book, continuing the series with Teen Titan: Beast Boy which came out September 1st, 2020. He has done other works with companies like Blizzard, BOOM! Studios, Harper Collins and Deviantart. He is also known for his amazing storytelling told through his spectacular illustrations and atmospheric color choices.

Gabriel’s Art Style

Gabriel’s art style is very intriguing and pleasing to look at. His line work is very crisp and clean. The faces on each character are expressive and bold. I especially love how simple Gabriel’s style is. His color choice is atmospheric and vibrant, he has a wide variety. Overall, Picolo’s style is realistic yet unrealistic. I find his style to be very inspirational and aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to see more of Gabriel’s work go to his website:

2 thoughts on “Illustrator Study: Gabriel Picolo

    1. Thank you! He is a really big inspiration for me and I absolutely love all his work he has done. I first found out about him when I read Teen Titans: Raven.

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