Ilonka Karasz inspired textiles

During my first week in the Marywood Masters with the Masters program I took History of American Illustration. I learned about illustrators from the late 1700’s to contemporary ones. There was only one homework assignment given during that one week course and it was to create something in a style of an illustrator we had no previous knowledge of. During the class I took notes about all illustrators I saw and I highlighted the ones I really liked. Upon the ones I favored was Ilonka Karasz.

I obversed Karasz illustration from the issue of The New Yorker dated August 19, 1944. The textile was of a farmer couple surrounded by farm animals and flowers. The colors are inviting, the shapes are simple and clean, and the theme is adorable. I wanted to create something that stayed true to the balance Karasz creates in her art while still including my style.

The image above is my Karasz inspired textile. I choose to do a bat theme pattern since they are my favorite animal. I love to include colors in everything I do so I made sure to make enough details in my pattern to have plenty of opportunities for color. I use references for the bat faces to make them have a cute realism to them. I included little bugs and scorpions for the bats to eat and branches for them to hang on. The moon since most are nocturnal was an important detail I made sure was involved in the design. It took 6 hours to complete this pattern on the computer and I had to rest my wrist afterwards haha. I hope you all enjoyed this artist!

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