Relaxing With Ceramics

Hello! So I will say, it has been another hectic summer week where I got a lot more life-stuff accomplished than I did art-stuff. I am very proud of some of the things I have coming up for me soon so I will be excited to talk about those opportunities when they are set in stone, but for now sometimes it is nice to just relax to some artists making art.

This week a friend sent me this very satisfying TikTok video and it put me in the mood to go through some of my favorite online content relate to ceramics. I hope you can find something you enjoy!

The artist in the videos above is one of my favorites. I think her designs are beautiful and it is always calming to watch her work. She you find these videos interesting, she offers more technical, non-ASMR, videos. And while I am in an ASMR-mode, here is a wonderful little video with some fun use of unusual tools!

I found this video some time ago, when I was looking for content on tea pots and left handed ceramics artists (just to make sure im not alone) and this video has served as a motivational pick-me-up. This artist some me that if you are passionate about your art, you will find a way to make it work!

This is included because I love to watch Keith Jones work but also in hopes of starting a Great Pottery Throw Down rabbit hole! I am almost certain I have mentioned it before but where classes are out and you are ever feeling down about not being in the studio, this show is a great way to pass the time. Clips are available on youtube and the show in full is available to stream on HBOmax.

What’s Playing– Keep exploring! When I don’t have a lot of time to think about my art or when I am overwhelmed, it is centering sometimes to just find a few videos and zone out for a few moments to recharge.

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