Image Transferring

In my fibers class, I am currently learning about stitching which includes hand-sewing and embroidery. The stitching ranges from the classic running stitch, which is a good use for outlining, and the backstitch, which is good for outlining as well but specifically with shapes, lettering, and line work, to a little more advanced stitching such as the stem stitch and cross stitch. The stem stitch is an excellent filling stitch that requires quite the consistency. The cross stitch requires consistency as well but is more spread out compared to the stem stitch and is used for filling as well.

One of my projects/assignments is to practice image transferring. This calls for an image or design to be done or transferred to tracing paper and sewed onto a piece of fabric. When you sew the tracing paper onto the fabric, you do a necessary amount of basting stitches, which are simply loose, temporary stitches to hold layers together. Once that is done, you can begin to stitch directly onto the outline of the image right on the tracing paper.

For my image, I chose to do a flower with a trail of pedals falling off. As of now this is what I have completed so far!

Image Transfering, Flower

Done with a Stem Stitch.


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