Importance of a Business Card

Art in general can be very fun and relaxing. It is not just a pastime though, it can become a business as well. With any business, a business card is needed. For artists, we have the creative liberty to turn a boring business card into an interesting one that showcases our art and capabilities with design.

The featured image has a few business cards from Marywood Art Department students. During the senior showcase at the end of spring semester, each graduating student had his or her designs along with a business card that was purely theirs for when they went out into the work world.

For such a small piece of cardstock, a business card can tell a lot about a person

Business cards are a great way to get your name out there when looking for a job. It has your professional contact information that could be useful to any future employer. Making your business card more interesting can help your name stick out to some other professionals in the art community. An aesthetically pleasing business card should catch anyone and everyone’s eye so your name can become more marketable which will help you find a job someday.

For such a small piece of cardstock, a business card can tell a lot about a person. With an artist, it can show the style of an artist along with that person’s information. A professional’s business card can help promote the company they work for. You can hand out your business card to anyone to help make connections in the business world which is incredibly important.

Some of the business cards in the featured image have used techniques with watercolors, stamps, graphic elements, line work, original artwork, or just the simplicity of a name and their email address. Whatever your strong suite is, or whatever it is you’re trying to promote yourself for, you can create on a business card. It can either be an intricate design, or simplistic lettering. Whichever it is, make your business card your own, make it unique, and make it stand out. While your personality and talent go a long way, your business card is important when someone wants to contact you again, possibly for an interview or an amazing opportunity.

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