Lantern Fest

This weekend my family and I went to lantern fest! This is our first year going and I hope we go again next year. We went to the one held at The Pocono Raceway since I live about five minutes away.

We met a lot of nice people there, and there were a lot of people, like 10,000 people. They had a stage and the blow up slides for children but for us to even get up there it would have taken forever. The place was packed and people came from all over the place. Some of the people were from Pennsylvania and some drove hours just to come and see the lanterns go up.

My family and I got to the place around five o’clock and settled down on the grass and tried not to freeze. It was about 40 degrees out with strong winds and even our heavy jackets and blanket still did not keep us warm. In the end, it was completely worth being cold to see the lantern go up.

I wish I had a professional camera to take better photos but I’ll make sure to get one for next year! I highly recommend this event to everyone. This event was so popular that they had to add another day for it at the raceway. Everyone was helping each other to get the lanterns up. They were very hard to get up because of the strong winds but thankfully a lot of us were able to do it. It was very stressful for everyone. I hope that next year the weather will be nicer.

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