In and Outside of Class

This past week I had my first real Painting I class. We started out working from a still life and used only two colors (raw umber and titanium white). Unfortunately I only had one painting class because it was a short week, but I really enjoyed the time that I did get to spend working in class. We were working very thinly so the slow drying time hasn’t started to bother me yet, and the limited color scheme let me focus more on accuracy because I was not distracted by color.

Since my classes are just starting, they are still moving at a slow pace. This has given me some time to work on my own paintings outside of class.  Recently I have been playing around with detailed patterned backgrounds and putting portraits on them in a way that they are almost camouflaged into the patterns. I call them my pattern paintings. My most recent one was finished on Tuesday and in this one I tried to go a little darker using mostly blues and purples. The second one, that I have yet to complete, Is the opposite. In it I have used a lot of bright yellow.         


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