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When it comes to projects (artistic or otherwise), the hardest part for some is starting. The hardest part for others is following through. If you’re like me, both of these are the hardest part!! I am the queen of starting projects that I say I’ll finish but still sit in a bin in my room. I reign as queen also in I’ll-Do-It-Tomorrow-land. I just wanted to share some projects/things in various states of completeness from my creative to-do list in case you felt like you were alone in the struggle of actually creating things! Hopefully writing this will motivate me to continue on with these, but if nothing else, it will remind me how many opportunities I have right now to be creative.

  1. Crocheting a blanket
Crocheting A Blanket

I absolutely love crocheting and haven’t done a project in a few years. However, when my friend was de-cluttering her craft bin over the summer, she found lots of neglected yarn that needed a proper home. I will never say no to free supplies!! I had originally intended for this blanket to be used in my new room in a house that I was planning on moving into with my friends this past fall. I had gotten some cute art prints from online to put on the walls of this room and the colors of those matched the colors of the yarn ~perfectly~. I knew I had to use the yarn to make something cute for this space to tie it all together! I found the pattern on Youtube and began crocheting in mid-June…and here we are! I haven’t gotten very far and now it looks like I won’t be moving into that new space until the fall of 2021. Needless to say, this is a very back-burner sort of project.

2. Paint by numbers

Goodness wow I have no idea when I even got this paint by numbers! It most likely was a birthday or a Christmas present from at least two years ago. You can see just how long it has stayed folded in a bin by the crease marks alone! Like the blanket, I know that this was intended to be room decor because of the hints of pale pink in the flower petals that match the color of the walls in my bedroom. I honestly have no recollection of why this project didn’t get finished sooner but since there’s not that much of it left to do, I have a feeling it will move up on my priorities list!

3. Acting Self Tapes

Ring Light

I asked for a ring light for Christmas this year because I want to keep working on my acting! This is a passion that I didn’t know I wanted to continue to pursue, but it turns out that spending a few months in quarantine with my thoughts was what the doctor ordered to revive a suppressed dream. This will allow me to film monologues that I’ve been working on and hopefully will allow me to not only document my progress but to create a small reel of pieces that I could potentially submit for projects in the future! This is a project that I’m right at the beginning of but I wanted to include it because I think it’s the one that I’m most excited about. 🙂

4. Little paintings for friends!


These were originally intended to be sent as Christmas gifts, but then I realized that I have no idea how to paint things that I like! I am not an artist by any means so this was a very large task I had set out for myself. A few test runs later and now I am ready to begin actually painting the finished product! This is the base layer of paint for each one that I will add (hopefully) cute designs on top of. I have already enjoyed the process of failing a few times before finding ways to make my art be more like the vision in my head and I can’t wait to see if these ones turn out better than the last few. Here’s to hoping that they will!! The picture to the right is just one of the ones that I’ve been working on. I enjoyed adding layers of brown, white, and blue paint to make a textured and multi-colored base layer!

5. Reading

I think it’s been my New Years resolution for a few years to read more, and this year I’d actually like to keep it! Reading isn’t necessarily an art project I’m working on, but I do consider reading to be a creative hobby for myself. I enjoy falling into the world in a book and letting the story take my imagination on insane journeys. Here are a few books that I am currently reading!

I hope reading about some of my current unfinished projects makes you feel less alone if you have trouble starting/completing projects that you’re working on. I’m off to go work on some of these, so thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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