In Progress

I have been trying to decide what the best approach would be to finalize my confirmation Thank You card. I’ve had a lot of ideas come and go over the past week and figuring out how to lay it all out has been difficult.

At first I wanted to implement the letterpress because it would tie the piece together using printmaking techniques. I thought about what I wanted to write on the card and realized that what I wanted to say was personal and the feelings would be lost if I let a machine say it.

I am currently taking a part in the #The100DayProject on Instagram. This project takes place online every spring. It is 100 days dedicated to exploring one’s creativity. I am participating hand lettering every day.

Because the subject of this card is very personal, I decided that even though this is a printmaking blog, I will be doing a hand lettering piece to go along with the print. I have been focusing on the hand lettering this week trying to get all of my ideas on paper.

I will be ready to print soon and I’m excited for you to see the Thank You card finished and put together next week!

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