In Sickness and In Health

This weekend, I had great plans to visit the Pyrenees with my study abroad group. I was really excited to be able to spend time outdoors and away from the noise of the city. However, my stomach (in response to some questionable Chinese food) had other plans for the weekend.

So, instead of being able to see the waterfalls, mountains, and starry skies, I was pretty much confined to looking at the four walls of my room the whole weekend, all while surviving off the scarce amount of plain rice that I was able to keep down.
While extremely disappointed, I decided to not dwell on the fact that I missed out on a great trip (did I mention it would have been free? *sighs*) and instead make myself useful by doing some sketches and getting some personal art projects finished. My one project, a fraktur piece, involved a lot of busy work—painting white around the black letters. This type of busy work was ideal for me to do while I was sick, since it didn’t take too much concentration, and I could have a movie on in the background and not get distracted.

In sickness and in health, artists should always be dedicated to their work…because whether you’re feeling great or feeling a bit under the weather, your job is always to be an artist.

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