There Is No “I” In “Team”

In a few of my classes recently we have been working in groups for projects. For my Graphic Design class we have been creating board games where I am in a group of 3 people and for my Web Design class we just started a project that the entire class is working on together which is re-designing and building a non-profit 5k Run website.

Personally I think that working in groups is very beneficial, because it helps with experiencing how to work with others. It helps you understand that not everyone is going to agree on a particular design or color or font etc. yet in order to achieve the deadline as a group you need to compromise and come up with a solution that will work well for the group as well as for what the task is at hand.

When you get into the real world there are going to be times where group projects and group decisions will need to be made. Having good communication and good listening skills is key when working in groups. You want to be able to voice your opinion but you also want to be able to listen to other people because sometimes what they have to say might be more beneficial or simple than what you suggested. Having experience in working with other people will definitely help you become more confident as you enter new job opportunities.

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