This week I want to chat about inspiration.

What inspires you? Is a question I dread. I think of it this way… WHAT DOESN’T inspire me. From the moon and stars at night to the sun and clouds during the day, there is nothing that doesn’t inspire me. I honestly feel everything around us inspires us.

I also don’t think it’s bad to be inspired by others. Some people think it’s a crime to be inspired by people. They say “create on your own.” Well the truth is we are all creating on our own. No matter what we create we are inspired by something we have seen or experienced.

What is truly a cool thing to realize is, you are inspired by all things you encounter with all your senses. You smell tacos cooking? Maybe you’ll create a Mexican inspired piece. You notice a cool texture? Maybe you’ll focus more on texture in your design. You see a beautiful sunset? Maybe you’ll create a color palette from that. You hear a song that gets you in your blues? Maybe you’ll create something with emotion.

It’s amazing seeing what inspires people, I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to share. Don’t be afraid to explain your work. Tell them about that sunset scene that helped you create your new color palette. Brag about it! You created your work some how, share it.

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