Playing Around With My New Camera

My new camera came sooner than expected and I was able to play around with during the week. So, I grabbed my friend Sami on Friday (since I do not have any classes) and I took photos of her around her by Maple Lake and a swamp in my aunt’s backyard. We toughed out the cold to get a few beautiful photos of her.

We started with some basic portrait photos, then I decided to try new stuff out. I took action shots of her jumping and skipping (one jumping photo above). Then we also tried to do a perspective shot to make it look like she was standing on a Sprite can. However, since we were on a bridge we tried to be quick about it so it is not perfectly lined up. It was fun nonetheless.

I am excited to take more photos of friends, this weekend I plan on taking photos of my boyfriend, Sebastian, near waterfalls by my house. I have a lot of experimenting I want to do and cannot wait to keep viewers updated on my progress.

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