Inspiration and Where Mine Comes From

Inspiration is something that every artist searches for, sometimes it can come from the most unexpected of places and for me, sometimes it doesn’t come at all.

I love to draw, to create something completely new, but at times I don’t know what to draw and that leaves me stumped. This problem seems to rear it’s head most often in the summer when I am at home, working my summer job and helping my family around the house. It is not the issue of finding time to create, as I ensure that I have about ten to fifteen minutes set aside every day, even if just for a quick sketch because a sketch becomes much more in a matter of minutes.

So, in times like these when my inspiration is running low, I go outside and explore my home city of Philadelphia. It is a place full of different cultures, people and life and I adore exploring and seeing new scenes come to life before me. It isn’t hard to find something beautiful near my home, be it a mural or a pop-up gallery that has artworks I hadn’t seen before.

So, for me, my inspiration is my city, my home. But at times I can’t help but wonder what inspires others and keeps them creating.

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